Rainbow Six Siege: il TTS si aggiorna oggi per sistemare un problema al rinculo delle armi di Kaid

By Giovanni Panzano, mercoledì, 9 gennaio 2019 16:00 GMT

Il nuovo aggiornamento dei Technical Test Server di Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege arriva oggi con alcune interessanti novità.

Per la prima volta dall’uscita di Operation Wind Bastion, i Technical Test Server di Rainbow Six Siege riaprono le porte agli utenti con un nuovo aggiornamento.

rainbow six siege nomad kaid

La patch in questione risolve numerosi bug e mira a correggere un problema che affligge una delle armi di Kaid, il TCG12, quando si utilizza un controller.

Come al solito, per accedere al TTS vi basterà avviare Uplay su PC e scaricare la versione di prova del gioco, separata rispetto a quella “normale”.

Ecco di seguito l’intero changelog dell’aggiornamento:


Fixed – Drone collision with the Airjab deployed on any surface.

Fixed – Fire damage from any map environmental sources will not destroy Nomad’s Airjab.

Fixed – Airjab doesn’t deploy on some types of debris.

Fixed – A shell remains in the chamber while performing a full reload.

Fixed – Counter defuser will pop in Operators hand instead of being deployed.

Fixed – Gu Mine can be deployed in electrified barbed wire if thrown at the same time the Rtila is activated.

Fixed – Some gadgets are not destroyed by Operators when pushed through them by Nomad’s Airjab.

Fixed – Incorrect compass location is displayed when drones are close to the ceiling.

Fixed – The Rtila effect zone disappears when switching operators in support mode.

Fixed – Users remain infinitely loading in a PVE squad session after voting to retry.

Fixed – Gadgets remain electrified by the Rtila after destroying the asset on which was originally deployed.

Fixed – Multiple gadgets cause incorrect Airjab detonation.

Fixed – The yellow light on the Airjab launcher now blinks during activation delay.

Fixed – Misplaced Portal breaks Propagation of sound in Kitchen / Central Stairs on Fortress.



– Addressed recoil differences of the TCG12 when using a controller compared to a mouse.


Fixed – Two observation tool key binding popups are displayed on first boot for new players.

Fixed – Scrollbar overlaps the end of the details list for seasonal weapons.


Fixed – Operator bodies will clip through the south wall near the door in the 1F Kitchen on Fortress.


– Voice over and ambient sounds are too loud – We would appreciate any feedback you have on this!

– Walls become indestructible when hit in the same spot repeatedly.

– Heavy rubberbanding causes players to be unable to pass or throw gadgets through some breached walls.

– AI Terrorists are unable to detect players under some circumstances.

– Death camera playback is at normal speed instead of slowed down when the player is killed.

– Alibi’s Prisma appearance is low in quality.

– Missing frames on crouch replays at the end of round replay and death camera replay.

– Barricade is destroyed for all other players except the shooter.



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