Quake Champions: sul PTS arrivano il Cattura la Bandiera e nuove mappe

By Giovanni Panzano, venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018 15:06 GMT

Il PTS di Quake Champions ha ricevuto un corposo aggiornamento che permette agli utenti di dare uno sguardo al futuro dello sparatutto.

Nelle ultime ore è apparso su Steam un aggiornamento del Public Test Server (PTS) di Quake Champions, grazie al quale si possono provare svariate novità.


L’aggiornamento infatti non si limita a proporre le meccaniche legate al Pass Battaglia, ma anche la modalità Cattura la Bandiera e numerose mappe ancora in lavorazione. Gli sviluppatori hanno deciso di far testare agli utenti delle arene ancora in stato embrionale e quindi prive di texture, in modo da modificarle in base ai feedback dell’utenza.

Al momento possono connettersi ai server solo 500 giocatori contemporaneamente, quindi l’accesso al PTS potrebbe non essere immediato.

Ecco di seguito tutti i dettagli dell’aggiornamento del PTS:


  •   New Map: Citadel
  •   New Maps Insomnia & TP_01 (BLOCKOUT MAPS): For the first time ever in Quake Champions, we’re happy to be able to share with you maps we’re working on before they’re even textured for you to frag out with your friends on and give us feedback! – Available in Arcade Mode & Custom Game
  •   New game mode: Capture the Flag
  •   New premium weapon shaders
  •   New vanity items


  •   Battle Pass Beta version in this build, will have updates soon to add some more items and functionality. Items in this build are not reflective of what will be on live, so no need to provide feedback on offerings.
    • New Challenge system
    • Removal of Favor
    • Removal of Backpacks and Chests
    • Removal of Daily Rewards
    • Read FAQ here.
  •   New Champion progression system
  •   New arcade modes

Capture the Flag

  • Two teams face off in a match of Capture the Flag
  • Steal your enemy’s flag and return it to your base to score a capture
  • Your team’s flag needs to be in your base in order to capture
  • A match is divided into two halves, with teams switching sides of the map at halftime
  • The team with the most captures at the end of the match wins
  • If teams are tied at the end of the match, the team that has the highest cumulative score is the winner
  • How ties are calculated:
    • There are three score values to understand:
      • 1) Team Score (captures) 
      • 2) Team XP (aggregate of player XP) 
      • 3) Player XP A player’s SCORE is the XP they have earned in the event. You can XP/SCORE from Frags, but you also earn them from Impressives, Captures, Defends, Assists, etc. All medals are positive actions that give you XP. The player’s score is added to the Team XP, so that if a player leaves the match (quits, disconnects, what have you), they don’t take their contributions to the team with them. At the end of the match, if the teams are tied in caps, then it compares Team XP.  The team that played the match “better” by earning more XP, ie more rewarding positive actions, that team wins.

Arcade Modes

Blockout Maps

  • TWO never before seen maps (Insomnia & TP_01) currently in development available for you and your friends to frag out out in via TDM in Arcade & Custom


  • BJ only. Infinite Ammo. LG only. Ability available on respawn. AAAAAAhhhhhHHHHHH!

Slide And Slash

  • Slash and gauntlet only, trails insta-kill. Ability available on respawn


  • Good olde fashioned Attack + Defend to Open / Close the Slipgate – change sides every round – single elimination per round – best of 9 rounds


  • Single skull brought to one of two obelisks to defend until meter is full – best of 5 rounds 



  •   Fixed an issue where Galena’s totems that were detonated by enemies could also damage teammates
  •   Fixed an issue where Nyx could become invincible and unable to fire after using Ghostwalk


  •   Fixed an issue of the Souls and Major Pickups spawning inside geometry in maps


  •   Fixed an issue where the Tri-bolt was missing glow effects when seen from 3rd person


  •   Fixed an issue where Death Knight’s Volkerh Shang rune did not match in-game behavior


  •   Fixed several issues where spectators in Slipgate would become de-synced from the match
  •   Fixed an issue where the Gauntlet blades would not appear if the weapon was selected during the Champion spawn animation


  •   Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into a match with spectators
  •   Fixed a crash that could occur when alt-tabbing on a loading screen
  •   Fixed an issue where performance could drop for a player being killed and the attacker


  •  Fixed an issue where some medals were not localized


  •   Fixed an issue in Lockbox where the Slipgate trigger was too high off the ground
  •   Fixed an issue where Slash and Nyx were unable to be killed by bots with Railguns


  •   Fixed an issue where some maps were not available for selection for some game modes



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