DayZ: il nuovo aggiornamento in beta modifica veicoli e animazioni

By Giovanni Panzano, venerdì, 23 novembre 2018 15:40 GMT

Diamo uno sguardo a tutte le novità introdotte con l’ultimo aggiornamento di DayZ, attualmente disponibile in versione beta.

Dopo l’ingresso in fase beta su PC e l’arrivo nel programma Xbox Game Preview, DayZ ha ricevuto un nuovo aggiornamento su Steam.


La patch in questione, ancora in beta, apporta svariate modifiche alla fisica e alle animazioni dei veicoli. Tra le restanti novità troviamo poi nuove animazioni per i personaggi quando lasciano cadere oggetti o subiscono dei colpi. Ovviamente alla lunga lista di novità si aggiungono anche le soluzioni a diverse problematiche.

Ecco di seguito il changelog completo dell’aggiornamento:

DayZ Beta Patch 0.63.149525 Release Notes


  • Added: Reworked vehicle physics
  • Added: Improvements to vehicles simulation
  • Added: Minor improvement to IK poses
  • Added: Minor improvements to heavy hit animations
  • Added: Animations for drop item in different stances
  • Added: Upon reconnect items with changed size (design tweaks) are now dropped on the ground if not enough space in the inventory


  • Fixed: Invisible items after being dropped during gestures
  • Fixed: VOIP directional sounds not working properly on 5.1 and 7.1 setups
  • Fixed: Character falling from tilted ladders
  • Fixed: Infected getting stuck in crouch animation
  • Fixed: Engines not shutting down after being destroyed
  • Fixed: Multitude of environmental issues (missing collisions, sudden LOD changes, models adjustments)
  • Fixed: Various client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Tachometer (rpm gauge) displayed incorrectly while gear in neutral position
  • Fixed: Missing cooking sounds
  • Fixed: Smoke from indoor fireplace not escaping through chimney
  • Fixed: Restrained character not dying after disconnecting
  • Fixed: Fixed a VME message, that could pop up on some clients upon launch and crash them.


  • Tweaked: Vehicles sounds
  • Tweaked: Ambient sounds
  • Tweaked: Sounds of jammed weapons
  • Tweaked: Sound of eating pills action
  • Tweaked: Changes to input system (not yet ready)
  • Tweaked: Changes to chem-light models when activated


  • Fixed: Crash when the author of a subscribe mod wasn’t correctly retrieved
  • Fixed: The URL of the workshop was incorrect in some places
  • Removed: skipIntro startup parameter (no longer supported)

Known Issues:

  • guns losing their shot sounds
  • melee attacks always heavy, unless stamina is depleted



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