State of Decay 2: la nuova patch semplifica la gestione dei sopravvissuti e prepara il gioco all’arrivo dell’espansione

By Giovanni Panzano, giovedì, 6 settembre 2018 10:44 GMT

È disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento per State of Decay 2 che introduce alcune novità in termini di gameplay.

Nelle ultime ore è arrivato un nuovo aggiornamento per State of Decay 2, il quale ha il compito di preparare il gioco all’imminente arrivo della prima espansione, Daybreak Pack, in arrivo il 12 settembre.

Tra le principali novità troviamo un miglioramento del sistema di perdita casuale degli oggetti del deposito, evento ora collegato al morale degli elementi della comunità e quindi molto più gestibile.

Ecco di seguito tutte le novità dell’aggiornamento di State of Decay 2:

General Issues

  • Fixed an exploit involving buying and selling stackable items with traders to earn massive amounts of Influence.
  • Removed an apparent soft-lock caused by the death of a leader.
  • Removed some locks and crashes associated with pop-up boxes.
  • Fixed a handful of buildings that were inaccessible due to collision.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.

Characters and Communities

  • Random “resource loss” events are now dependent on morale and traits. If you recruit carefully and keep everyone happy, then random resource losses should be a thing of the past.
  • Characters who incur “resource loss” events because of low morale will now receive a temporary morale benefit for doing so. IE, they binged on a bunch of food, but at least it made them feel better.
  • Skilled characters will now sometimes provide the community with new free items in place of the “resource loss” events.
  • Exiles should now always count towards exile-related achievements.
  • Characters from other enclaves will no longer receive the large-scale death-banner treatment when they die.

Bases and Facilities

  • Fixed an issue where facilities would sometimes stop building when the main menu was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would be repaired for free.
  • Fixed collision on the Sniper Tower to allow it to be scaled.
  • Fixed a case where the old Rally Point bases could still be claimed.
  • Extended the new resource-counting prompt for depositing rucksacks in the generic Storage facility to apply to specialized Storage facilities as well.


  • Fixed an issue where some missions would provide deceptively large piles of resources.
  • Fixed many cases where critical NPCs would not show up for missions (or in one case, would attack you for no reason).
  • Fixed an issue with the Warlord: The Informantmission, which was not counting vehicle kills.
  • Fixed an issue with the Builder: The Call Is Answeredmission, in which some enclaves would flee the player’s home site.


  • Armored zombies are no longer killed by flames. Instead, they catch fire and become scarier, like a juggernaut;)
  • Zombie kills with vehicles should now count towards zombie-killing achievements.
  • Fixed some issues where zombies would spawn trapped in geometry.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed some clients to easily blow up the host’s vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue with indefinitely persistent C4 charges left by dead characters.



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