Minecraft: disponibile la seconda parte dell’Aggiornamento Acquatico

By Claudia Marchetto, mercoledì, 11 luglio 2018 10:13 GMT

Se da tempo avete abbandonato Minecraft, ora è il momento di riprenderlo. E’ arrivata infatti la seconda parte dell’aggiornamento Acquatico.

Con la seconda fase dell’aggiornamento Acquatico di Minecraft sono state aggiunte nuove funzionalità. L’update è disponibile per Windows 10, dispositivi mobile, Xbox One, Oculus e Nintendo Switch.


Il mese scorso è stata pubblicata la prima parte dell’aggiornamento ed ha aggiunto una serie di pesci e oggetti.

Con questo nuovo aggiornamento verranno implementate nuove tipologie di animali, tra cui le tartarughe. Saranno presenti inoltre i temutissimi zombie che sopravvivono in fondo all’oceano e molto altro.

Potete dare uno sguardo alle note complete dell’aggiornamento di seguito.

Minecraft Aquatic Update – Phase Two features


  • Realms are now available on Nintendo Switch
  • The Drowned – These dangerous, underwater zombies lurk in dark, deep water and will come up to the shore at night
  • Sea Turtles – These gentle creatures can be found swimming in oceans and tanning on beaches. Protect their eggs so more can hatch!
  • Turtle Shell and Scute items
  • Potion of the Turtle Master
  • Nautilus Shells – Can be found while fishing or held by the Drowned
  • Conduits can now be constructed underwater and give players the Conduit Power effect. Craft them with Nautilus Shells & Heart of the Sea
  • Bubble Columns – Magma Blocks create downward flowing columns and Soul Sand creates upward flowing bubbles
  • New Achievements!
  • Added new commands that only affect worlds with Education Edition enabled: 1. /ability – Sets a player’s ability 2. /immutableworld – Sets the immutable state of the world 3. /worldbuilder – Toggle World Builder status of caller


  • Changed the menu background to be themed for Update Aquatic
  • Undead mobs will now sink in water and can walk on the bottom
  • Improved the steering of Boats when using keyboard and mouse by pressing W to move forward and S to reverse
  • Dolphins can now be given Raw Fish or Raw Salmon and will swim towards the nearest Ocean Ruins or Shipwreck
  • Husks that have sunk in water will now transform into Zombies and Zombies will transform into Drowned
  • Skeleton Horses can now be ridden underwater
  • Skeletons and Strays will switch from ranged to melee attacks while underwater and switch back when out of water
  • Coral blocks will no longer die as long as one side is touching water
  • Improved player swimming at the surface of water
  • Tridents can now be enchanted with Mending and Unbreaking
  • Added an animation when using Riptide in first person perspective
  • Slightly decreased the friction of Blue Ice
  • Updated the texture of the top of Kelp
  • Updated the texture of Cooked Fish
  • Updated the Riptide spin texture
  • Default Field of View has been reduced from 70 to 60 and can be adjusted in Video Settings
  • Tridents will no longer break blocks in Creative mode
  • The Inventory button has been moved to the top of the Store page



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