Rainbow Six Siege: il prossimo aggiornamento sul TTS darà una bella regolata a Lion

By Giovanni Panzano, mercoledì, 28 marzo 2018 15:01 GMT

È in arrivo sul TTS di Rainbow Six Siege una corposa patch che introdurrà numerosi cambiamenti, tra cui un nerf per Lion, nuovo operatore di Operation Chimera.

Ubisoft ha appena annunciato che i server di test di Rainbow Six Siege stanno per tornare con un nuovo aggiornamento. Oltre ad apportare nuove modifiche al sistema di rinculo, la patch in questione dovrebbe anche depotenziare Lion, considerato al momento troppo forte.

Rainbow Six Siege

A partire dalle 22.00 di questa sera i possessori del gioco su PC potranno accedere al Technical Test Server tramite uPlay, che richiederà il download di una versione del gioco aggiuntiva.

Ecco di seguito tutti i cambiamenti che troverete nel TTS:



We understand that Lion is not in a good place right now. We will have more insight coming in an overall game balance blog at a later date. For the Test Server, the following changes can be tested.

  • Lion’s Scan will stop displaying your outline as soon as you stop moving.
  • Reducing the number of charges; 3 to 2.
  • Increased cooldown between each charge; 10 to 20 seconds.

Weapon Sight Misalignement

We are implementing a fix that will solve the weapon sight misalignment. More details can be found here.

Bug Fixes

Please note that we have purposefully left out/obfuscated some exploits from the list. These will be included in the final patch notes prior to the 1.2 patch going live.

  • Fixed – In 2F Executive Bedroom on Plane, only the first layer of the floor can be destroyed.
  • Fixed – Kapkan will remain stuck by entering in DBNO right after deploying an EDD.
  • Fixed – Mira is not affected by the Grzmot explosion if she is holding a Black Mirror.
  • Fixed – On Bank, at B Lockers, bullets pass through an indestructible wall between B Lockers and B Secure Hallway.
  • Fixed – Drones will not register slow mouse movements.

Known Issues

  • Excessive lighting is present in the MVP screen during Thermite’s victory dance.
  • Defuser can fall under the map if the player carrying it is killed while in rappel at EXT Pool on Coastline.
  • The EDD will not give 40 damage if is positioned on the lowest point possible on a door.
  • Ela operator will lose functionality if her gadget will be destroyed while trying to pick it up.
  • Concussion effect affects operators through LOS floors.
  • Players can see through smoke cloud grenades if it’s far away.
  • Attacker can plant the defuser on top of a shelf in 2F Armory Lockers on Border.
  • Shield animations have the shield at different angles in first vs third person, allowing a nitro cell to kill the player when they think they are protected.
  • When switching operators during Operator Select, the image of the previously selected operator might remain on the new selection.



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