Outcast: Second Contact riceve la sua seconda patch che aggiunge slot di auto salvataggio multipli

By Luca Paternesi, mercoledì, 6 dicembre 2017 21:55 GMT

Appeal Studio ha pubblicato il primo aggiornamento per il remake di Outcast che porta con se numerose correzioni e miglioramenti come l’aggiunta del supporto a slot di auto salvataggio multipli.


A poco più di due settimane dal lancio Outcast: Second Contact riceve la sua seconda patch. L’aggiornamento pubblicato da Appeal Studio, oltre a affinare le performance generali, apporta numerosi miglioramenti come la possibilità di tornare a Zorkatraz.

Di seguito vi riportiamo la lista dei cambiamenti apportati dalla patch:

Critical Fixes:
  • Fixed multiple crashes while shooting or travelling through Daokas.
  • Fixed several memory leaks possibly impacting stability and performance.
  • Fixed various pathfinding issues and stuck characters.
Gameplay Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Naarn would be missing (also fixed in existing saved games).
  • Fixed an issue where Illot would refuse to talk after being healed and where Shamaaz became stuck trying to heal Illot (also fixed in existing saved games).
  • Fixed an issue where Sadar would not propose to go back to Oru’s Island as intended.
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue which would cause Zoran to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Zine would not go to the crusher.
  • Fixed an issue where Zidar’s friend would not talk when intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Shadi, whom would not play the tune or give back the map as intended.
  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause Kuryan to be missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Egar was stuck in water.
  • Fixed an issue where Zidar’s boat would not return to the dock as intended.
  • Players can now return to Zorkatraz.
  • Added support for multiple auto-saved slots (when slots are available).
  • Added F-Link telepod visualization in full screen map.
  • Added an option to disable Talan word definitions.
  • Added an option to disable dodge rolls.
  • Added a help screen displaying control mapping.


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