Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry si aggiorna alla versione 1.10 con una tonnellata di fix

By Luca Paternesi, martedì, 14 novembre 2017 23:04 GMT

Il controverso RPG piratesco di Reality Pump e TopWare Interactive riceve un aggiornamento. La nuova patch porta con se moltissimi bug fix che vanno a rendere un po’ meno drammatica la situazione di un gioco che è salito agli onori della cronaca più per i suoi bug che per effettivi meriti.


Nella giornata di oggi Reality Pump e TopWare Interactive  hanno reso disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento per il loro controverso titolo piratesco.

Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry in realtà è già la versione “riveduta e corretta” di quel Raven’s Cry la cui debacle aveva mandato in bancarotta lo studio di sviluppo.

Il nuovo aggiornamento del gioco porta con se moltissimi bug fix che speriamo riescano una volta per tutte a sistemare qualche falla di un gioco passato agli onori della cronaca più per i suoi innumerevoli bug che per meriti ludici.

Di seguito vi riportiamo la patch note completa dell’aggiornamento:

– optimization and correction of cutscenes
– optimization of multi CPU support
– Audio fixes and dialogue corrections
– Audio enhancements and additions across the islands
– Multiple fixes in accordance with playthrough reports
– Multiple main and side quest corrections and expansions:
* Sully’s books added to his “death hut”.
* Shaka’s reactions enhanced during Sully’s demise.
* The Maroons’ hiding spots moved for better concealment.
* The cave battle of the Maroons versus the soldiers expanded.
* Extra loot in the docks near the clerk in St. John
* While assassinating the clerk, you can choose to kill a random colonist accidentally (or on purpose).
* More characters populate Avery’s port (you can also interact with some)
* Small addons to Avery’s colony (captive and domesticated animals, guards, servants, etc.)
* Ray’s and the Colonist’s paths in the Patriarch assassination missions optimized.
* Corrections in scripting for the Avery’s and Arko sidequests.
* Corrections in the Patriarch ship hunt sea battle mission.
* Expansions and additional plot and gameplay added in Avery’s storyline: additional assassination missions, hunt for buccaneers, and more.
* Spoiler: Ray (as your ally) will actively help you out in fights when completing Avery’s missions (e.g. during the infiltration of Buccaneer Island)
* Ray’s attacks include melee / armed combat and tossing explosives
* Spoiler: additional ways of eliminating the clerk in the port assassination mission for Avery
* Interactions with Ray expanded, with new extended gameplay sections, fights and dialogues
* Avery’s port office overhauled and expanded
* Avery’s plantation and mansion overhauled and expanded
* More characters and interactions in Avery’s plantation
* Overhaul and expansion of Avery’s port
* Musician to steal money from added in Avery’s port
* Hayes, his Hunting Stall, and his sidequest line added to Avery’s port (quest opens after the Maroons’ line, when Tutuola goes missing)
* Arko’s line expanded with the tasks of recovering his relics (sound-orientated mission), and tracking down and defeating Modok the evil shaman
* Tutuola’s voodoo houngan cave added as a new location (with extra loot and interactions)
* Tutuola’s storyline expanded, with extra missions and a new conclusion added for the Maroons’ houngan
* Extra rewards from Tutuola, including loot, experience, and Erzulie’s portrait
* The hut and the killing fields of Ray’s brother Sully added as a new location (with loot and extra items around)
* More tasks and encounters with the girls at the brothel
* Goat dressed up at the brothel (find out the details from Maria’s sidequest)
* Spoiler: Ray’s brother storyline expanded with a new conclusion (human sacrifice)
* Spoiler: moral choice expanded in Ray’s brother storyline (possibility to spare the brother, or to deliver him to the Maroons to be sacrificed)
* Spoiler: moral choice expanded in Avery’s island assassination / Patriarch sabotage mission (possibility to spare the wife, murder her, or let Ray kill her)
* Spoiler: gravesites and a shrine to Christopher’s murdered parents added as a new location (XP for visiting)
* Spoiler: fight against Ray and hunting down Avery in his mansion expanded and lengthened
* Additional interactions with the Maroons (extended spying/tracking down sequence, introductory fight, extended scenes)
* Additional enemies and fight encounters added (humans, e.g. Hayes the Hunter, and animals, e.g. the Giant Sabertooth cryptid)
* Fixes and multiple enhancements in the Ancient Temple trap labyrinth
– Fixes in console messages and logs.
– New sidequests and extra characters added (extra XP points for finding ‘Crocodile Gena’)
– Additional ship encounters
– Additional sea mission / treasure search
– Additional and expanded logs
– Multiple additions and expansions across all islands (new ruins, new sacrificial altar with extra loot, new cannibal rituals and sacrifices, and much more)



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