La nuova patch di Ghost Recon Wildlands, che aggiunge la nuova modalità PvP sarà disponibile da domani su PC

By Luca Paternesi, mercoledì, 11 ottobre 2017 20:26 GMT

Ubisoft ha annunciato che il nuovo aggiornamento del suo sparatutto tattico sarà disponibile dalla giornata di domani su piattaforma PC.


Nella giornata di oggi Ubisoft ha annunciato che l’atteso update 8 di Ghost Recon Wildlands sarà disponibile su PC dalla giornata di domani 12 ottobre. Il nuovo aggiornamento, oltre a risolvere numerose criticità e migliorare la stabilità del gioco, va ad aggiungere l’attesa modalità PvP Ghost War.

Di seguito vi riportiamo la patch note completa dell’aggiornamento:


  • – In “El Cardinal”, fixed a bug where the player couldn’t redeploy freely after failing the mission


  • – Fixed a bug where a “NEW” tag would appear on the loadout even though there is no new unlocked item
  • – Fixed a bug where the “Missile incoming” warning would be displayed too late
  • – Fixed some situations where the prestige points earned wouldn’t appear on screen


  • – Fixed a bug where a player wouldn’t be kicked from the lobby if the command was initiated from several players
  • – Added relay servers for improved connectivity between players


  • – Fixed a bug where a player shooting from the trunk of a car could lose control over the character
  • – Polished the new helicopter’s landing animation


  • – Fixed a bug where Norton antivirus users would have troubles launching the game


  • – In “El Invisible”, fixed a bug where the “mission failed” screen would not appear, making the mission unavailable.
  • – Fixed the mouse input precision for the new helicopter control scheme. We implemented mouse acceleration which decays as helicopter picks up speed, and a deceleration when player is driving, as previous implementation was losing angular velocity too fast
  • – Fixed an issue causing vehicle doors to always shown as being closed when using NVidia Ansel



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