Warhammer 40.000 Inquisitor – Martyr: pubblicato un nuovo gameplay trailer e la nuova patch Alpha 2.0

By Luca Paternesi, giovedì, 20 luglio 2017 20:40 GMT

Neocore Games ha pubblicato nella giornata di oggi un nuovo gameplay trailer e la nuova Alpha Patch 2.0.

Nella giornata di oggi Neocore Games, tramite un comunicato stampa, ha annuciato di aver pubblicato la nuova Alpha Patch 2.0 per il suo action RPG Warhammer 40.000 Inquisitor – Martyr e per celebrare l’evento ha rilasciato un nuovo gameplay trailer che noi vi riportiamo qui sotto.

Di seguito vi riportiamo il changelog completo della patch direttamente dal sito di Neocore Games:


First Iteration of Tier System

The game is divided into large chunks of difficulties – subsectors. Every subsector will represent a player Tier. One Tier will include 10-20 power levels to gain. Arriving at the end of a tier will mean maxing out the current content and gathering “end-game” gear – until you arrive at the next tier, the next subsector, of course. Currently, the first Tier is available.

This is where the new item rarity,currently named Relics, will come into play, with more powerful, unique enchants, special skill combinations – and badass looks. Relics will be basically the best-in-slot items for the tier, allowing players to max out the content available for them in that subsector (endless missions, for example), and pass through to the next Tier, opening up a new Subsector.

Redesigned Skill Tree

  • There is now a limited set of skill trees available for each class specialization. Choose wisely!
  • Added new artwork and GUI elements for the new skill window
  • Unlocking new Skill Trees can be done by completing Heroic Deeds.

New Mission End Screen & Level Up Screen

  • While the game is loading during the end of a mission, players can now see and arrange their awards from that mission
  • After gaining Character Levels, there is a new Level Up screen where players can see and manage their freshly gained attributes

Other New Features

  • Players can now take cover in doorways
  • Enemies now have their type displayed below their names
  • New notification on item icons indicating freshly acquired items
  • Unique Points of Interest:
    • Players can find certain space stations with NPCs located in them who are selling various rare bonuses, giving sidequests
    • New Endless Arena mission available


New map subsetting: Nurgle Infested Indoors

Existing map settings such as the Imperial Indoors setting will receive sub-settings continuously. The first instalment is the Nurgle Infested version.

New map weather/lighting settings

  • We are introducing lighting and weather settings to Imperial Indoors and Rocky Terrain maps (Landing Platforms will follow soon!). Currently the following settings can be rolled: Default, Clear, Night, Dusk, Rainy, Foggy

New Map Scripts and sub-quests

Among the existing ones, players may encounter the following scripts during missions:

  • Sentry Trap: A large chest in the middle of the room. It holds great treasure…or is it a trap, spawning 3 sentries behind you?
  • Skull Sentry Trap: Cross the laser beam between two skulls, and a sentry turret descends from above.
  • Skull Sentry Floor Trap: Cross the laser beam between two skulls, and a turret emerges from the ground.
  • Shrines: Activating the first Shrine gives you a sub-quest – if you activate all three, enemies will lose a chunk of their HP.
  • Summoning Ritual: 3 cultists begin summoning a Demon if you approach them, giving a sub-quest to disrupt the ritual in time.
  • Broken Turret: An enemy turret is being constructed – complete the sub-quest by killing all the workers – or face the barrage.
  • Protect your Allies: A group of your allies is holding back the attackers! Protect them with all your might!
  • Assault: A group of your allies is taking a heavily guarded enemy radio tower. Help them!


  • The Mixed weapon sets are back! Players can finally wield Pistol/Sword and Shield/Pistol combos
  • Introducing the new item tier: Relic Items
  • New 2-handed weapons introduced for the Assassin
  • Loads of new available item Enchants, just to name a few: Bonus Suppression per Kill, Bonus Suppression per Hit, Bonus HP regen in cover, Bonus Suppression regen in cover, Resist All, +HP/kill, Melee damage reduction, Ranged damage reduction, Inoculator Heal%, Inoculator CD reduce, Inoculator Capacity Bonus, Inoculator Duration Bonus, Inoculator Refill Bonus, Free Inoculator Use, Inoculator CD Reduction/Kill, Ammo Capacity Bonus, Overheat Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction, and so on!
  • Weapons now have level requirements



  • Rebalanced Starting Gear for all classes
  • Difficulty curve is tweaked so fresh characters have it a bit easier
  • Expertises are a lot more important now for characters
  • Major monster balance overhaul
  • Assault Armor’s Assault Jump skill cost is reduced from 40 to 30
  • There is now a bigger stat gap between different item tiers
    • The lower the item quality is, the less chance the item has to receive a rare enchant (if at all)


  • Fixed item loss occurring during Crafting
  • Various graphical glitches fixed
  • Fixed invisible crafting slots
  • Fixed a chat issue with the slider
  • Fixed a missing item string for Remote Mine’s Regen
  • Fixed an issue where enemy bits crawled up on walls on Floating Platform Maps
  • Fixed aggro range of Nurgle Apostle’s spawn skill
  • Fixed a typo in the Tech Tree
  • Numerous other bug fixes (Will be added to changelog later)

Known issues:

  • Loot window background not final


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