Stop alle morti in contemporanea: la nuova patch di Call of Duty Infinite Warfare elimina il kill trading

By Luca Paternesi, venerdì, 14 luglio 2017 22:30 GMT

Disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento per Call of Duty Infinite Warfare che, oltre a migliorare le performance generali del titolo, elimina il kill trading dalle partite pubbliche.


Nella giornata di oggi Infinity Ward ha pubblicato una nuova patch per il suo sparatutto in prima persona Call of Duty Infinite Warfare che, oltre a risolvere alcuni bug e migliorare le performance generali del titolo, va ad eliminate il kill trading dalle partite pubbliche così da evitare che due contendenti possano uccidersi a vicenda nello stesso momento.

Di seguito vi riportiamo la lista completa dei cambiamenti apportati dal nuovo aggiornamento:

General Fixes and What’s New

  • Genesis is now back in rotation
  • CTF has been removed and Epic Gun Game has been added (thru July 21st)
  • Weapons
    • Hailstorm – Ordinance: Akimbo rate of fire has been reduced to match the rate of other pistols
    • M.2187: Fixed issues with some challenges not working as intended
    • M.2187: Adjusted the Smart Show attachment from 8 to 5 pellets (does not change the effectiveness of the attachment)
  • Players were able to join the Competitive playlist using FTL Payloads and Traits (Phase Shift, Perception, and Super Charge), which are now restricted to match the CWL ruleset
  • Uplink: Fix for an issue where the drone could fall between the hay stacks outside of the barn and force a time out on Throwback
  • Added the Proteus, Trek-50, and M.2187 to Gun Game and Epic Gun Game
  • Fix for players being able to use the secondary modes on hybrid weapons like the Type-2, RPR Evo, and the EBR-800 in the Competitive playlist
  • Various map fixes

Attack of the Radioactive Thing

  • Pack-a-Punch Axe now track progress correctly for bounties
  • Traps now correctly track progress for bounties
  • Charges fuses can now be turned in while holding an upgraded weapon
  • Various weapon bug fixes (Proteus, Volk)

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