Halo Wars 2: la prossima patch aggiungerà il supporto per l’HDR

By Luca Paternesi, venerdì, 19 maggio 2017 20:37 GMT

Nella giornata di oggi è stato annunciato che la prossima patch di Halo Wars 2, attesa a breve, oltre ai soliti bug fix e alle canoniche migliorie delle performances, aggiungerà anche il supporto all’ HDR.


Nella giornata di oggi 343 Industries e The Creative Assembly hanno annunciato che una nuova patch arriverà a breve per Halo Wars 2. L’aggiornamento, che sarà disponibile nelle prossime settimane, oltre a sistemare svariati bug e ad offrire un miglioramento generale alla stabilità e alle performance, aggiungerà anche il supporto all’ HDR.

Di seguito vi riportiamo il changelog completo direttamente dal blog ufficiale del gioco:

“The next patch for Halo Wars 2 is being readied for release with an ETA of next week. This update will launch in conjunction with the next DLC leader and includes a variety of fixes and improvements. See below for the full details.
New Feature: Support for HDR lighting is now enabled for players with compatible hardware!

  • Players should no longer have a chance of loading into the game without the ability to issue any commands
  • Fixed a crash that rarely occurred after signing in on the Main Menu
  • Fixed a crash when playing against AI in Firefight or Skirmish mode
  • Fixed a desync that could occur in ranked 2v2 games
  • Fixed a crash on “Last Stand” that could occur from loading from an old save from a previous release
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attacking the first barricade in the Prologue


  • Added allied view indicator to the mini-map
  • Added 2 new themes to “Proving Ground” Blitz map
  • Made “Restoration Drones” get more expensive when it is upgraded to its 3rd tier
  • Adjusted the Foundry so that its always hit by Hunters’ and Marines’ upgraded projectiles when attacked
  • Added better “Combat Salvage” visual effects when a unit dies and is immediately built back at base
  • Removed an exploit with “Combat Salvage”
  • Reworked a targeting exploit that could occur with using “Extraction”
  • Pelicans and Darts should no longer leave floating lights above bases
  • Made it so that “Ghost in the Machine” would no longer disable Colony’s “Combat Repair” on the units it borrowed
  • Spartans no longer strip upgrades from vehicles they hijack
  • Some tech upgrades were not applying completely to some units
  • Fixed an issue with moving units not properly attacking Garrisoned units
  • Units teleported off the map are now teleported back to your base
  • Spartans no longer increase the level of units they hijack


  • Made card pack descriptions show up in the appropriate language for France and Taiwan
  • Added text to the Pelican Transport level 2 when selected on the leader power radial


  • Added “Upgrade Complete” voice over for various leaders that was missing
  • Adjusted the audio to the Forerunner structure on Highway to remove the high frequency that could be unpleasant to hear
  • Audio/music should no longer drop from games played through a playlist
  • Locust beam is no longer audible in the fog of war
  • Hellbringers should no longer play Kinsano voiceover when being attacked by an enemy Spartan”

Qualora vogliate farvi un’ idea su Halo Wars 2 potete, qualora non l’abbiate già fatto, leggere la nostra recensione per scoprire cosa ne pensiamo.




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